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Dental Assessment Services

Dental Assessment

Dental care begins with dental assessment, and is followed by diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

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TMJ Assessment

TMJ Assessment

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the most functional joint and frequently used joint in our body.

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Denture Services

People who lose their teeth due to cavities or gum disease may need dentures. Dentures take the place of missing teeth.

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We Provide Most Proffesional Assessment Services

Dental damage can be direct or indirect. It depends on what happened and how forceful the impact was to the victim.

Direct dental injuries happen when the head or mouth strikes or is struck by an object. Indirect dental injuries happen if you had your mouth open during the accident causing it to abruptly close.

If the force is great enough, your lower jaws teeth can be crushed by your upper teeth.

No matter what type of dental damage happened to you, it will be painful. What treatment you need depends on the extent of the injury and how many teeth were affected.

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